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As a small, growing company Gold Standard Pest Solutions Ltd is committed to promoting sustainability in all aspects of our business.

  • Our concern for the environment is at the forefront of any plan for pest eradication. We aim to use products which cause as little detriment to the environment as possible. Our first action at any new site is to identify points of pest ingress and block or ‘proof’ those points. We use non-toxic baits for monitoring pests where there is no current evidence of pest activity. Any toxic pesticides used due to an infestation will be monitored closely and used for the minimum period of time possible.

  • We are careful to ensure that the bee population, which has seen a dramatic decline over recent years in the UK, remains unharmed and we refer to local bee keepers for their advice where necessary.

  • We are committed to supporting our staff and their personal development through their professional, physical and mental wellbeing whilst ensuring their safety at work. We operate CPD through the British Pest Association as well as also looking for training courses in other areas. We encourage our staff to show responsible behaviour in all aspects of sustainability.

  • We have a strict recycling policy which means that we reuse or recycle all products and packaging where possible.

  • We are committed to limiting the amount of paper that we use or send. We have an electronic reporting system which emails our treatment reports to our clients rather than giving them a paper copy. We send electronic invoices and statements to all clients which eradicates the need for paper copies to be sent. We are switching from giving each client a site folder with paper inserts to supplying all this information on an Eco flash drive.

  • We are mindful of our fuel consumption at all times. We carefully plan the routes to be taken in order to minimise fuel consumption. Looking to the future, we aim to switch vehicles to the most energy efficient possible.

  • We take active part in local conservation work and charity projects and encourage our staff to do the same.

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