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Pests in your home or business can be very distressing and cause a potential health issue. Rats are the most tenacious pests in the UK. The two main species of rats in the UK are the black rat (Rattus Rattus) and the more common brown rat (Rattus norvegicus). Both will continue to source for food and shelter and will happily inhabit your homes or businesses, so it’s important not to just ignore them. The damage caused by gnawing is immense which can cause structural damage to buildings and even burn them down through damaged wires. They breed every 21 days which, as you can imagine, can quickly become out of control.

There are many rodents in the UK so it's always the best solution to call in the experts to know exactly which rodent you're dealing with and control them correctly.


Mice as well as rats will look for warm shelter over the winter months. An adult mouse can squeeze through a gap as small as 6mm, which is roughly the size of the end of a Biro. This means that they can enter wall cavities through open air bricks on the outside of buildings and under gaps at the base of external doors.

Mice have poor eyesight so they rely on touch, smell and hearing  to find their way around. They have elongated hairs on their bodies called 'fibresse' which pick up on the smallest vibration. This is why they run with one side touching a wall.

Rodents' teeth grow continually so they have to gnaw materials to keep their teeth from growing into their opposite jaw.

Mice eat only 3 grams of food a day. They are 'satellite' feeders which means that they visit multiple locations to meet their daily food intake quota.

Mice are also expert climbers, they can climb a rough vertical surface for up to 2 metres. They can use the surface to grip with their claws enabling them to scale great heights.

Our professional pest control operatives are qualified through the BPCA (British Pest Control Association). They have the expertise and training to successfully control pests in your home or business.

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